Learning and Making Hubs

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Production, innovation and training in the city centre.

How do we bring technological innovation, circular production and training together in open and multifunctional workplaces? Manufacturing learning hubs bring a degree of dynamism to the neighbourhood. Living, learning and working are closely intertwined.

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We don't have to reinvent the wheel. Manufacturing learning hubs already exist in many cities. They have been set up by committed entrepreneurs, youth organisations or local authorities. If we bring all this expertise around the table, we can learn from each other so we can also build manufacturing learning hubs in other districts and in other cities.

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Many initiatives collectively form a 'community of communities'. The manufacturing learning hubs in or near the city are being replicated. How do we ensure they are at the helm of the necessary transitions in the field of circularity, energy and food production?

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Building blocks

BROEI in pictures
BROEI in pictures
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Broei vzw

Broei is an open ‘thinking and doing’ place for the new generation: a breeding ground where young people have the chance to develop their talents. Young people looking for opportunities are given a place here to 'try something' and experiment together in the historic Duivelsteen. Broei vzw aims to bring a new dynamic to Ghent city centre.

Buda Factory

The conversion of a former textile factory into the Buda Factory represents the final chapter of the transformation of Buda Island into an arts island. The Buda Factory is an economic-artistic workshop and operates at the interface between art and design, economy and education, and science and technology. Entrepreneurs, students, artists, scientists and active citizens come together to meet and work (collaborate) on artistic projects or innovative products.
A vegetable garden of 1500 square metres, 2019
A vegetable garden of 1500 square metres, 2019
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Atelier Groot Eiland

Atelier Groot Eiland aims to support as many Brussels residents as possible who are seriously distanced from the labour market in their search for work and professional (re)integration. The organisation offers work experience, pre-training, employment support and job coaching in learning workshops in order to further develop the skills of its employees. Local production and sustainability go hand in hand with social entrepreneurship. The initiators of Atelier Groot Eiland are using this approach to tackle the high rate of unemployment and to combat poverty from their home base in Molenbeek.

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T2 Campus Genk

The T2 Campus on the Thor site in Genk is a hub for engineering and technology of the future with a practice-oriented range of training courses, activities and infrastructure for students, employees, entrepreneurs and jobseekers. T2 campus profiles itself as an incubator of technological know-how and connects talent, education, innovation and the business community with each other, and with the city.

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Rotterdam Makers District

The Municipality of Rotterdam and the Port of Rotterdam are committed to the redevelopment of part of the city port to create the Rotterdam Makers District: a mixed city port area that combines living, working, manufacturing and learning, and profiles itself as a testing ground for the innovative manufacturing industry. The Rotterdam Makers District is being developed on both sides of the Maas, in the areas of RDM Rotterdam and the Merwe-Vierhavensgebied (M4H Rotterdam).


Werkkader maakleerplek in de Vaartkom

Stad Leuven, Maakleerplek Leuven

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