Innovation Powerhouse

Exchange between companies and organizations in a creative hub

Innovation Powerhouse is a former Philips power plant that had not been in use for several years and was listed for demolition by the city of Eindhoven. Design-driven innovation agency VanBerlo was in search of a new headquarters and initiated the transformation of the building. For four years they lobbied for the preservation and transformation of the plant and worked closely with the developer for the actual realization. Today it is the work environment of a dozen technological organizations, offering them the opportunity to meet, inspire and stimulate innovation. The design is centred around a communal street-like passage that extends from one end of the building to the other. All of the offices are arranged along this central passage and their glazed walls help to enhance the feeling of connection. Providing spaces for local residents too, the result is a hybrid space that has become one of the central cores of neighbourhood life. Innovation Powerhouse worked as a catalyst for the redevelopment of the whole of Strijp-T, an innovation district in the heart of Eindhoven's brainport.

partners and actors
Atelier van Berlo, Eugelink Architectuur, De Bever Architecten, GEVA Vastgoed
making industry
innovative aspects
organisational form, local development?