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PREFIGURATIONS exhibition space, Pachecolaan 34 / 1000 Brussels / 1st floor
Date and time
Wed 12 October '22
Timelab Academy x The Great Transformation
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Language: English

Access is free but registration is compulsary.
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Conversations on PREFIGURATIONS: Beyond Building

A conversation on PREFIGURATIONS
hosted by Timelab Academy x The Great Transformation

To whom is affordable space in the city still accessible – and how is this influenced by the way we use and share space?

How can we provide affordable workspace in the city for users like artists, socio-cultural associations, starting companies, youth organisations or citizen collectives? To develop long-term perspectives, equal and balanced collaborations are needed between various, sometimes very diverse, actors. Timelab Academy and The Great Transformation invite you to play an interactive game about the force fields between governments, construction and real estate sectors, and initiatives by artists and citizens in their search for space. We will go back and forth between profit and non-profit, private and public, formal and informal.

During this session we will take a closer look at several projects in the exhibition, including the Arsenaalsite (Ghent) and Molenwest (Brussels). The game ‘Three is a crowd, a conversation starter for bridging differences’, developed by Kunstenpunt and Timelab Academy, will invite participants from different backgrounds and with different purposes to co-create a tangible and collective spatial project.