By separating the land ownership from that of the building, living remains affordable

In the Community Land Trust model, land is considered as communal property. Residents buy the house, not the land. The land remains the property of a trust, which is managed jointly by the residents, the neighbourhood and the public authorities. In this way, the houses remain affordable from generation to generation. On average, they cost 40 per cent less than those on the private market. In the future sustainable district of Tivoli next to Tour & Taxis, the CLTB Foundation has exceptionally accepted to work on the basis of a long lease: Citydev, the Brussels development company, remains the owner. On a corner plot, 22 housing units with 1 to 4 rooms alternately will be built, in line with the CLTB's ambition of affordability and cohabitation as well as the sustainable characteristics of the neighbourhood. The plot is narrow and strict requirements are attached to the subdivision permit. The design by V+ and HBAAT provides for three building volumes along the street, with a recess between two buildings where there is room for a little square that opens out onto the street. Not only the residents of the buildings themselves but also local residents can use this new public space. Special attention has been paid to the communal areas, their spatial qualities and the meeting and exchange opportunities they promote. Thanks to a conventional structure, the rooms can grow with the needs of the residents.

partners and actors
V+, HBAAT, CLTB, Citydev
innovative aspects
ownership, financing

Factsheet BMA: CLTB Tivoli

photo: bouwmeester maitre architecte, 2020

Tivoli Greencity, Laken

photo: Floremie Vermeulen, Elly Moyaert, 2021