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Vogelenzang, Anderlecht
Date and time
Tue 29 June '21
Architecture Workroom Brussels

Workshop-walk Food Land: opportunities for new coalitions

Under the heading ‘Food Land’, we are exploring the question of how a new interplay between land ownership and land use can be organised to create more space for healthy, profitable and affordable food production for a climate-resistant landscape. There are a number of initiatives that take up this challenge by shifting the focus from land ownership to land use. Some farmers manage nature land in exchange for its shared use; others unite with citizens in a joint land purchase; or still others cultivate the land of their final customer. In this way, they create more space for food by making the connection between the interests of landless farmers and specific landowners.

In the context of this specific mission for transition, we are organising a workshop-walk in Vogelenzang, Anderlecht, with a limited group of actors, including mainly landowners, land seekers and experts. The aim of the workshop is to map out, on the basis of everyone's knowledge, experience and ambitions, the most promising forms of this new interplay between land use and land ownership and what the obstacles are, in order to work out scenarios for new collaborations.