Quartier Masui, Bruxelles
Date and time
Tue 08 June '21
Architecture Workroom Brussels

Workshop-walk Energy districts: towards a collective implementation programme

Our existing homes and other buildings are a crucial lever in a broader energy transition. Our building stock is one of the major contributors to CO2 emissions, still heavily dependent on fossil fuels. The renovation of our outdated housing stock can reduce these negative effects while improving the quality of life for people. If we tackle such a transformation together, opportunities also arise for collective energy production or energy sharing, and thus also opportunities for the social transformation of the neighbourhood.

As a first step, within the framework of The Great Transformation, a small group of experts and practitioners explore the possibilities of 'Energy neighbourhoods'. The workshop starts with a walk through the Masui Quarter a typical 19th century working class district. From there, links can be made with other neighbourhoods in Belgium, in order to draw the first steps towards a replicable approach to energy transition at neighbourhood level.

We hope to learn from this session who else needs to be at the table for this experiment, how we can pool resources and capacity to effectively set up an implementation strategy, and which concrete subprojects are feasible.