Livestream uit Brussel
Date and time
Thu 03 June '21
19.30 - 21.00
Architecture Workroom Brussels

Livestream Energy Districts: Designing The Renovation Wave

How do we improve the energy performance of our building stock in a collective and affordable way, not only to reduce CO2 emissions and achieve our sustainability goals, but also to increase local entrepreneurship and improve the quality of living?

Around this question, we are opening the second workspace on the online platform of The Great Transformation on Thursday June 3. For the occasion, we start a conversation with architect and urban designer Eva Pfannes (OOZE), development activist Jim Segers (CityMine(d)), energy expert Ruben Baetens (3E) and Joachim Declerck (AWB) during the Great Transformation Session - Energy Districts: Designing The Renovation Wave.

Our existing building stock is one of the largest emitters of CO2 and is still extremely dependent on fossil fuels. Raising the performance of our ageing homes is therefore necessary and at the same time represents a leap in living quality. Moreover, local energy production keeps the profits with the users. If we tackle this together, we can not only reduce the cost, but also strengthen the neighbourhood feeling and social cohesion in a neighbourhood. The big challenge is to mainstream this type of energy districts.

Which organisational capacity, business model and approach is needed? Can we address residents on their own needs, problems and motivations? How can the construction, innovation and services sector, cooperatives, local governments, the Brussels, Flemish and Belgian governments, energy distributors and regulators play a role in this?