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PREFIGURATIONS exhibition space - Boulevard Pachecolaan 34, 1000 Brussel, 1st floor
Date and time
Wed 19 October '22
VRP / Architecture Workroom Brussels
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Accessible for members of VRP and other people interested in the exhibition. Registration is obligatory. The guided tour will be held in Dutch.

Guided tour PREFIGURATIONS for VRP network

Architecture Workroom Brussels invites all VRP members as well as others interested for a guided tour in the exhibition PREFIGURATIONS on Wednesday the 19th of October. Additionally, a plenary conversation will be held about the impact of societal transitions on the practice of spatial planning.

Hanne Mangelschots, the curator of PREFIGURATIONS, will give a guided tour through the exhibition. She will guide you along 39 selected architecture and landscape projects, clustered in 10 future places based on societal challenges. Collective renovation and energy communities are implemented in ‘energy districts’; climate adaptive measures come about in ‘climate streets’; new elements of the circular economy take shape in ‘circular material hubs’.

PREFIGURATIONS invites you to consider architecture and spatial planning in a new way. The selected projects constitute the foundations of social and spatial transitions that are becoming more and more urgent. The guided tour will therefore provide the impetus for a panel conversation about transdisciplinary collaborations, in which the practice of spatial planning will also be reinterpreted.

17:00 Start guided tour
17:45 Discussion
18:30 Reception

Pachecolaan 34, 1000 Brussel, 1st floor

This evening is accessible for members of VRP and other people interested in the exhibition. Attendance is free, but registration is obligatory.