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Livestream from Brussels
Date and time
Thu 27 May '21
19.30 - 21.00
Architecture Workroom Brussels

Food Land: Promising land-use coalitions

How do we organise a new interplay between land position and land use to create more space for healthy, profitable and affordable food production in a climate-resistant landscape? That is the question we will gather round with historian Tim Soens (UAntwerpen), bio farmer Kurt Sannen (Het Bolhuis), landscape & heritage advisor Shera van den Wittenboer (Board of Government Advisors of the Netherlands) and Joachim Declerck (Architecture Workroom Brussels) during the Great Transformation Session – Food Land: Promising Land Use Coalitions.

Lots of initiatives experiment with innovative coalitions that shift the focus from land ownership to land use. In exchange for its shared use, some farmers manage natural land. Some unite with citizens to jointly purchase land. Other farmers cultivate their customers’ land. These initiatives make room for food production by bundling the interests of owners with strategic land positions and the interests of farmers without land, in a collective project. In which conditions are these new types of coalitions possible? Who is already willing to jump aboard, and sometimes why not? What are the most strategic collaborations, and how can we multiply them?