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Northern Quarter, Brussels-North Station
Date and time
Wed 28 April '21
Architecture Workroom Brussels

Energy Districts: ‘Harvesting potentialities’ Walking Workshop

The City of Brussels has commissioned Architecture Workroom Brussels and 3E to set up a Coordination Platform with the aim of implementing the tools and resources necessary for the creation of a Positive Energy District (PED) and an energy community in the Brussels Northern Quarter. The Coordination Platform is part of an ongoing transformation of the district in which energy transition is used as a lever to achieve economic, ecological, and social sustainability.

A successful energy transition for the city of Brussels requires a profound transformation of the technologies, business and organisational models used in the local energy sector in order to achieve the necessary social and economic interactions between the different stakeholders. Already existing local initiatives play a decisive role in this change. They are bundled at the neighbourhood level and thus enter into dialogue with systemic actors. In this way, the Coordination Platform for the City of Brussels becomes an instrument that allows citizens, private parties and local authorities to be directly involved in the configuration and operation of a new energy policy.

Within this framework a Walking workshop has been organised with local stakeholders, experts and practitioners to harvest together the potentialities for the energy transition in the neighbourhood, to build a common understanding of the local energy questions and to start envisioning possible energy projects and interesting concepts to further investigate in the future in a collaborative modus operandi.

Report of the walking workshop