PREFIGURATIONS exhibition space, Pachecolaan 34 / 1000 Brussels / ground floor
Date and time
Mon 05 December '22
Griet Celen x The Great Transformation
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Language: Dutch

Access is free but registration is compulsary.
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Conversations on PREFIGURATIONS: Land Positions

Due to unforeseen circumstances this session is postponed to Monday 5 December 2022.

A conversation on PREFIGURATIONS
hosted by Griet Celen x The Great Transformation

Are we collectively investing in affordable land for climate proof agriculture – and can alternative housing models and urban developments inspire us?

Griet Celen and The Great Transformation will depart from the farmers’ search for affordable land. In a first round of discussions, we will dive deeper into alternative development models that are featured in PREFIGURATIONS, such as the Community Land Trust principle or cooperative entrepreneurship. Together with a group of experts working in the field of residential and agricultural development we will explore how various forms of ownership, design, management and usage of land can be instrumentalised for more accessible, affordable food lands – taking into regard the reciprocity between public, private and civil actors.

The second round will bring together actors in different societal fields to assemble a scalable collaboration model and land strategy, serving as leverage for the acceleration of agricultural transition.