Walking workshop Energy, 2021, Brussels Northern District. Photo: Bob Van Mol
Walking workshop Energy, 2021, Brussels Northern District. Photo: Bob Van Mol
© Bob Van Mol
Starts: 14:00 at the Zinneke workshops (Masuiplein 13, Schaarbeek) Ends: 18:00 at the Barmacie (Boulevard du Jubilé, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean)
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Sat 16 October '21
Architecture Workroom Brussels
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Building Blocks for Future Places

Building Blocks for Future Places

The districts to the north of the Brussels Pentagon are in a state of flux. And not for the first time. This part of the city has undergone a huge transformation since the 1970s, which unfortunately did not bring with it the urban life that was hoped for. Rising numbers of vacant properties in the office blocks of the Northern Quarter forced developers to come up with new plans. They want to turn the district into one that is multifunctional and sustainable. But there is also a lot going on in the districts around Brussels Manhattan. We take you along these Future Places:

We start the walk in the Zinneke workshops, a new Learning and Making Hub and District motor in the Masuiwijk. We traverse the district via the Zennepark and cross the canal via the Redersbrug, passing inspiring initiatives and meaningful nodes where the history and future of the Noordwijk and the Canal Zone come together. The walk ends in Picardstraat, where citizens have taken the future of the street into their own hands. There, we will join the opening of a photo exhibition about the activities of the citizens' collective in the Barmacie, a temporary meeting place for local residents.

The walk takes place on Saturday 16 October 2021 as part of ArchiWeek and Slow Ways Weekend and is part of The Great Transformation 2020-2030.

Language: alternating between French and Dutch
Cost: free of charge

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