Bootstraat 9, 3500 Hasselt
Date and time
Mon 18 March '24 — Mon 18 March '24
FTI Hasselt

Accelerating the energy transition in existing urban neighbourhoods and village centres

Every local government will develop and set out an action plan in the coming years to make all homes in its territory emission-free by 2050. But what are the concrete projects, support and policies to achieve this transition? How can governments, businesses, citizens and organisations work together? That is what we are looking for!

From a dozen innovative Living Labs in Flanders, Brussels and the Netherlands, we identify a series of prototypical projects to effectively accelerate energy transition in existing urban neighbourhoods and village centres. Linking a BEO field under a sports field to renovation of surrounding houses. Or a public building as a starting point for an energy community in a building block. These are just two examples of types of breakthrough projects that are applicable in many cities and villages. The strength of these projects is that they work on five innovation fronts: the policy, social, financial, legal and technical/technological.

This conference offers a perspective and a set of practical building blocks that local policymakers, entrepreneurs or citizens' initiatives can use in their own neighbourhood.

Programmed by Architecture Workroom Brussels and VITO Nexus, as partners of The Great Transformation 2020-2030.

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