The recycling of waste and materials forms the background for new public spaces

The transition to a circular economy requires places near the city where materials are collected and recycled. We know recycling parks as desolate places at the back of society. The design for one of the new recycling parks in Brussels by 51N4E seeks to reverse that image by adding a public function to the classic materials park, in this case a skate park and a green space. This juxtaposition of functions was based on a proposal by the architects themselves. In addition, they suggested reclaiming the canopy that covers this new public space from elsewhere. A horse-riding school in Liège that was to be demolished turned out to deliver the necessary structure, consisting of 26 m wide archways of glued laminated timber. These two modifications to the brief give the recycling park an urban character and smoothen the negative associations attached to the recycling of waste.

partners and actors
Net.Brussels, 51N4E, Witteveen+Bos, Rotor
community, circularity, management
innovative aspects
local development?