Park & Ride

Recognizable wooden interchanges along the city’s ring road

Antwerp, like many other cities, is committed to a modal shift: enticing more people to take modes of transport other than the car. This is all the more important in the context of the covering of the Antwerp ring road: for safety reasons, traffic jams in tunnels must be avoided. Therefore, the city is building strategic transfer points along the ring road where users can exchange their car for a tram, bus or (electric) city bike. The new parking buildings on the edge of the city will all have the same look and feel. The design by HUB architects introduces high wooden beams that are visible from a distance thanks to the absence of a façade. Central patios bring light deep into the building and serve to orientate the various traffic streams. The first three P+Rs were realized between 2018 and 2022 at Luchtbal, Merksem and Linkeroever.

partners and actors
HUB, Sweco, Lantis