Godshuis van Sint-Amands

A service centre as a meeting point between care home and village

The former almshouse of Sint-Amands was a charitable institution where the poor, the sick and the elderly were cared for along with orphans. Building on this existing identity, the municipality and the public centre for social welfare of Puurs-Sint-Amands want to accommodate a central reception, municipal services, a library and a local service centre. The almshouse will be restored to its former glory and a new volume will be added in the middle, designed by OFFICEU and atelier horizon. By creating a series of openings in the walls, the small rooms in the historical building will be opened up to form larger interconnected community spaces. Two inner gardens nestle in the corners of the different buildings. The redevelopment of the almshouse allows for a connection to be made with the adjoining residential care centre. As a result, the service centre becomes the place where the elderly from the care centre and the villagers can meet spontaneously.

partners and actors
OFFICEU Architects, atelier horizon, OCMW Puurs-Sint-Amands
community, care