Anders Mobiel

Understanding and changing mobility demand within micro-centralities

The goal of the modal shift is not less mobility, but more, and of a far more diverse nature too. According to the design research carried out by 1010au in Merelbeke, on the periphery of Ghent, this will not happen as a result (only) of new technologies, investments in infrastructure, mobility plans or taxes. Instead, they look at the reasons behind people's movements. The aim is to change the demand, not just the supply. They analyse initiatives that citizens have already launched in order to scale them up and spread them further. The designers propose two types of mobility hubs to broaden the range of sustainable transport modes: a local type that focuses on short-distance transport needs and a transfer type, with a good connection to the regional mobility networks. Anders Mobiel is part of the design research in Merelbeke within the IABR Studio East Flanders Core Area in 2017–18.

partners and actors
1010au, Verena Balz, TML, Meneer de Leeuw, Province of East Flanders, Atelier Oost-Vlaams Kerngebied