3 Fonteinen

A brewery becomes a test bed for the reintroduction of a forgotten crop

At the second brewery of ‘3 Fonteinen’, Lambic will be brewed, bottled, matured, and sold, right beside its new cherry orchard. As a private company, 3 Fonteinen aims to reintroduce a local crop of a forgotten variety, the ‘Schaakbeekse kriek’. Only four per cent of the raw materials for Belgian breweries come from Belgium itself, while the grains and hops produced locally are used for animal feed. 3 Fonteinen invests in buying grain locally and plans to add 3,000 more wild cherry trees elsewhere in the Pajottenland. Positioning the first generation of trees as a central part of the architecture is a symbolic gesture. Brewery 3 Fonteinen appointed Robbrecht en Daem architecten for the creation of their visitor centre. The building was designed according to four branches: for the barrel cellar, bottling plant, market hall and orchard. Work began in October 2020 and the new construction is set to be fully operational by 2023.

partners and actors
Robbrecht en Daem architecten, Erik De Waele landschap, Boydens Engineering office, Util Structural Engineering, PLOT, IMMO Fonteinen bvba, 3 Fonteinen bv