PREFIGURATIONS exhibition space
Date and time
Fri 30 September '22
Deltametropolis Association / Architecture Workroom Brussel
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Accessible by invitation

Spatial Impact of New European Bauhaus - Eurodelta Brainstorm session

On the 30th of September 2022, Deltametropolis Association and Architecture Workroom Brussels invite you for a brainstorm session on spatial challenges and impact at the megaregional scale, in search of inspiration and new working methods to address the cross-border challenges in the megaregion of the Eurodelta.

The cross-border urban regions in the Eurodelta are facing urgent challenges concerning themes such as climate and energy, water management and food production, economic space and mobility, requiring close cooperation. Together with the official partners of the New European Bauhaus initiative, we will use the session to exchange initiatives and methodologies which can contribute to larger societal transitions.

How can a trans-national exchange between designers and planners contribute to the European agenda? What do the NEB and Green Deal mean for the megaregion of Eurodelta? How can local organisations promote interesting local initiatives and learn from this exchange? We are excited to find those answers together with a group of experts.

The brainstorm will be taking place in the exhibition space of PREFIGURATIONS. The session is accessible by invitation.