14h, Zinneke (Masuiplein 13, Schaarbeek)
Date and time
Sat 26 June '21

Practices of Change

In the framework of the special issue A+287 Practices of Change, A+ Architecture in Belgium and Architecture Workroom Brussels invite you to a guided walk along some of the projects in Brussels published in this issue. The walk will take place on Saturday afternoon, 26 June 2021.

Roeland Dudal of AWB will take you along a few 'future places' in the north of Brussels: places with the ambitious aim of being a lever for living, working and living together differently in the city. Places that respond to the necessary transformations of our living environment in order to make room for social change.

We start the walk in Zinneke, the new meeting and creation place in the Masui neighbourhood, with a word of explanation by the architects of Rotor. We will pass by the Materials Village of Tetra architects and the Production Hall of BC Materials on Thurn & Taxis, and end in Picardstraat where a new summer street is being prepared.

After the walk we invite you for a drink at the Kunstberg in the centre of Brussels. Editor-in-chief Lisa De Visscher will be the first to talk about the recently opened Across exhibition by A+ Architecture in Belgium.

Start 14h in Zinneke (Masuiplein 13, Schaarbeek)
Ends around 17h in Picardstraat (Molenbeek-Saint-Jean)

In French/Dutch/English
Price: 10 euros, including guided tour, a copy of A+287 (EN) and a drink afterwards at the Kunstberg