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PREFIGURATIONS exhibition space, Pachecolaan 34 / 1000 Brussels / 1st floor
Date and time
Thu 20 October '22
Guy Gypens x The Great Transformation
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Language: English

Access is free but registration is compulsary.
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Conversations on PREFIGURATIONS: The Art of Assemblage

A conversation on PREFIGURATIONS
hosted by Guy Gypens x De Grote Verbouwing

What role do art and artists play in bringing and keeping together societal actors enhancing the ecological transition?

How do art and culture contribute to the formation of narratives that are able to take people along in the transition of their living environments? The ‘prefigurations’ in this exhibition arrange existing architectural projects into new compositions. In a similar way, some artists try to create prefigurations in their artistic practice, giving us an idea of what could be. The acceleration and enlargement of transitions is then not based on planning logics, but on narratives and imagination.

Guy Gypens and The Great Transformation will invite several collectives who each function as artistic storytellers in the interplay between transition, sustainability and inclusion. Together we will explore how artistic practices can help to advance transitions.