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Ingang Noordstation
Date and time
Wed 13 October '21
Architecture Workroom Brussels
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An energy transition for everyone

The switch to sustainable (renewable) energy is crucial. Over the past decade, we have installed numerous solar panels, developed new technologies for hyper-efficient buildings, adapted companies to make the transition to more sustainable policies, and made the transition from gas and other fossil fuels to more sustainable alternatives wherever possible. But how do we transform existing districts, and how do we do it fast enough? Can we achieve this objective collectively? And how can we ensure that this transition becomes an inclusive story, in a way that offers everyone the opportunity to participate? Also in the more vulnerable districts?

Can a task such as energy transition be achieved in a district such as Noordwijk? Which is often not perceived as a single homogeneous district, but as several, with a diversity of characteristics. We take you on a walk through this small part of Brussels, where ambitious plans are projected bottom-up as well as top-down. There are opportunities for exchanging energy, and energy could be the lever to provide a solution to current issues and trends in the district.

We start the walk at the North station, a place that marks the start of urban life in Noordwijk. We will cross the various neighbourhoods (CCN, Manhattan, Maximiliaan, Lakense Haard, Citroën, Béco- and Vergotedok, Masui, etc.) and pass by initiatives such as ZIN, Foyer Laekenois, Pôle Nord, Zennepark and Zinneke,... each of which contributes to Noordwijk’s story from its own perspective, with Energy as the common denominator.

The walk will take place on Wednesday 13 October 2021 and is part of the Great Transformation 2020-2030 in collaboration with Archiweek (Urban.Brussels).

Guided by Hanne Mangelschots (AWB) (NL) and Roeland Dudal (AWB) (FR) 

Starts: 14:00 at the entrance of the North Station
Ends: 17:00 at Zinneke (Masuiplein 13, Schaarbeek)

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