The care home's garden meadow becomes a new village square

Located in the heart of the south-western agricultural landscape around Brussels, Lennik is home to the Eizeringen campus, which houses a school in the old monastery building, an after-school care centre and a day-care centre. Recently, a residential home for eighteen people with severe mental disorders and two residential groups for people with mental and mild physical disorders were added by ZAmpone and MADAM architectuur. The design consists of two folded beams on top of each other and gives structure to the ensemble of buildings on the campus. The beam on the ground floor bends sideways to facilitate the connecting road that runs across the grounds, while on the first floor it leans on the existing day-care centre. The building plays with different relations to the old monastery wall that embraces the entire campus and acts as the binding element of the site. The garden and the rough pasture are opened up to the neighbourhood and function as a sheltered village square.

partners and actors
MADAM architectuur, ZAmpone architecten, npo Zonnelied
community, care