WeSmart's digital community dashboard enables energy communities to consult their energy generation and consumption in real time, so they can take smart decisions and thus optimise their energy bills. provides space for four hundred apartments, thirty businesses and twenty workshops, and is part of the Tivoli GreenCity ecodistrict. was developed by WeSmart in association with Greenbizz, Citydev, WTCB and Sibelga, as the first smart micro-grid project in Laeken. The combination of economic activities and residential functions in the municipality provides interesting prospects for achieving a mix of complementary energy profiles and thus for optimising local energy consumption. The municipality is supplied with renewable energy from solar panels and cogeneration. Solar panels harvest the energy from the sun at optimal times of the day. The energy is subsequently consumed right away or stored to be consumed later on, and the distribution is managed by WeSmart.

WeSmart plays the role of Community Manager and is responsible for the implementation and energy management of the renewable energy community. WeSmart takes care of all the technical tasks, including energy distribution, billing and regulatory checks, and communication. WeSmart is an open platform for managing the energy consumption of businesses. With the help of cloud technology to connect multiple sensors and meters, the software processes the data and presents it via a clear and user friendly display. WeSmart's mission is to involve people in smart energy by means of a real-time IoT platform with advanced automatic learning and artificial intelligence for a simpler and greener world.

Members of the community can access the energy thanks to the low-threshold online platform. Members can also plan their energy consumption, which means they can easily see when renewable energy is available for consumption. People can use the platform to view the weather forecast to see how much surplus energy will be generated that day, so that the use of equipment can be aligned accordingly.

Optimising renewable energy generation, storage and consumption within a single local community is key in this project. Members of the community achieve high percentages of self-consumption. They generate, store and consume renewable energy in one place, with lower energy bills as a result. The local green energy generated in short circuits provides several advantages at the economic, social and ecological level. The local energy community will not only enable participants to considerably decrease their energy bills and bring local actors together more effectively, but also avoid CO2 emissions.

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WeSmart dashboard overview
With the help of cloud technology, energy data such as the current consumption of buildings, the amount of renewable energy generated or the impact of renovation measures, is translated into a user-friendly display. Subsequently, based on the data from the local energy community, the monitoring activities suggest possible green solutions for energy consumption and local generation.

Tivoli GreenCity, the ecological district in Laeken
imageTivoli GreenCity, the ecological district in Laeken
Resource and energy management is one of the cornerstones of the Tivoli GreenCity project, the ecological district in Laeken. District monitoring is used to identify the reduction of energy consumption and the enhancement of renewable energy generation.

Tivoli GreenCity, the ecological district in Laeken

photo: PARBAM

WeSmart improves your energy management
videoWeSmart improves your energy management
Collecting data on energy consumption makes users aware of their generation and consumption behaviour.

WeSmart improves your energy management

Collecting data on energy consumption makes users aware of their generation and consumption behaviour.

photo: WeSmart, 2017

WeSmart presents:
articleWeSmart presents:
WeSmart's platform will soon be used to manage (the energy community for locally generated renewable power between Greenbizz,, the WTCB and Sibelga) and thus monitor the community's energy generation and consumption.

WeSmart presents:

photo: Citydev.Brussels, 2021