van Hoorebeke Timber

Logistical flows and activities determine the architecture of a reception building

If we organize our economy in a circular way, goods will no longer arrive packed in containers in large ports, but (recycled) materials will be processed and reshipped locally, preferably via inland waterways. The location of van Hoorebeke Timber along the canal between Ghent and Terneuzen already anticipates this. In time, the site can supply the city over water with material from wood-producing countries. TRANS was asked to design the reception building for this company specializing in the import and processing of timber. The building’s polygonal shape was dictated by the circulation routes at the production site. The supporting structure of wide wooden columns shapes the programme inside and outside. A covered outdoor area, with a wood fire used by waiting truckers, becomes a high-quality gathering place amid the logistic traffic, demonstrating that a productive site such as this one does not need to be distant or generic.

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TRANS architecture and urbanism, Util Structural Engineering, van Hoorebeke Timber, Boydens Engineering office
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