Tuinen van Stene

A new park typology with the potential to activate an urban food strategy

The ‘Gardens of Stene’ is a 35 ha area situated along the green belt around Ostend. This twenty-first-century city park is the first agricultural park in Flanders and unites food production, water management and tourist recreation. The plan by Maat Ontwerpers, Tractebel and Georges Descombes/ADR divides the Gardens into four zones that connect spatially and programmatically to their fragmented surroundings. With this food laboratory, the city of Ostend cannot (yet) feed its inhabitants, but the agricultural park marks a turning point at which professional and urban food producers will have a place together. The Gardens of Stene are one of the five 'Productive Landscape' Pilot Projects of Team Flemish Government Architect and the Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Research. Official development began in late 2017. The park has been accessible since 2018, initially through small-scale interventions.

partners and actors
Tractebel, ADR architectes, Georges Descombes, Maat Ontwerpers, City of Ostend
water, production, food