An observatory to better see the natural environment

Very often, large infrastructural investments are made in waterways, ignoring how we prepare our ecosystems for drought, flooding and nature conservation. In Harelbeke, the river Leie/Lys is undergoing major work to improve its navigability and connect it to the inland waterway network. To discuss the possible links between this intervention and the buffering of water and increasing biodiversity, artist Kevin Trappeniers built a temporary installation as an observatory for the changing landscape. The project focuses on raising people's awareness of a much larger natural ecosystem. The design’s dome shape is evocative of a planetarium, an exhibition, a botanical garden and a greenhouse. Water trickles in through the fabric of the shelter and is collected in a basin, symbolizing the new relation we will have to enter into with nature.

partners and actors
Kevin Trappeniers, Maarten Devrieze, Vincent Malstaf, Hans A.R. Van Wambeke, Intercommunale Leiedal
biodiversity, water

Kevin Trappeniers, Observatory

photo: Intercommunale Leiedal, 2019