Molenwest Square

A temporary hangar gives a boost to local dynamics

Over the coming decade, a new mixed urban neighbourhood will be developed on a brownfield-site along the railway line next to the Brussels West station, with housing, economic activities, public services and a park. To programme the time between now and then, the Brussels Region is collaborating with local associations to create an offer of activities for young children and teenagers. The temporary appropriation accommodates a number of existing organizations working with local youngsters that do not have their own space. The temporary use of the square enables organizations to build up a more stable operation and a longer-term dynamic with disadvantaged local groups, usually unheard in this part of the city. Molenwest is a portable, partly recycled and dismantlable infrastructure designed by 1010au. The project is deliberately left ‘unfinished’ to let local organizations and inhabitants appropriate and self-construct of the spaces they need.

partners and actors
1010au, Topia Landscape, JZH & Partners,
community, circularity
innovative aspects
participation, local development?, temporary use