Huis Perrekes

A care home embedded in an everyday environment

The Huis Perrekes building complex has been redeveloped to give the caring facility a ‘human’ connotation instead of following medical prescriptions. As a result, an ordinary house stands in an ordinary street in an ordinary Belgian village, inhabited by people with different stages of dementia. NU architectuuratelier designed the doctor's villa, its extension, the garden pavilion and the central garden as four clear elements that enable residents to orient themselves independently. In the villa's open kitchen, residents and their visitors prepare food that can be shared at the custom-designed tables. A covered outdoor area adjoins the kitchen. A homely, recognizable atmosphere reigns in the original doctor’s house, where the flats are located. The new pavilion in the garden offers space for the residents, but also for occasional childcare and village activities. As the world of the residents shrinks, the public domain expands.

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Huis Perrekes

photo: Stijn Bollaert