House of Time

The historic city centre makes room for colouring outside the lines

Bruges has always been a city of art and world heritage. Its well-known historical past draws millions of tourists every year, putting enormous pressure on its liveability. The city wants to shake off its theme-park image and give back space not only to visitors but also to residents. The temporary initiative 'House of Time' has shown that there is a pressing need for a shared space for creation, exchange and meeting in the centre of Bruges. In the context of the 2018 Brugge Triennale, a former industrial and dockland site was transformed in collaboration with the local community, young people, social workers, artists and residents. The theme 'Liquid City’ explored the concept of the city’s flexibility and resilience in a liquid society. Berlin-based architectural collective Raumlabor initiated a process of co-creation to build a place that empowers users to collectively shape their city. The site now has an indoor and outdoor studio, a yurt, a kitchen in a bunker and a container that serves as a multipurpose bar. What was initially a temporary redevelopment project later became permanent due to its high local value as a cultural community facility.

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Raumlaborberlin, Brugge(n) voor jongeren, Triennial Bruges
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