Green routes reconnecting the city and landscape

The city of Ghent wants to reconnect its centre with the landscape by means of green climate routes. This should reduce heat islands and fine dust, promote more sustainable water use, and increase quality of life and biodiversity. Plusoffice therefore developed a network of routes that draws the benefits of the landscape (cooling, biodiversity, and greenery) back into the heart of the city. At the same time, these routes ensure that city dwellers can walk or cycle directly from Ghent to the surrounding landscape via generous green-blue courses. The routes are grafted onto important waterways or other landscape structures, connecting places where the benefits of nature and landscape can be experienced locally. This creates synergies between landscape challenges and planning objectives for the city. For example, taller, more compact, and sustainable buildings can be linked to the development of more green space of greater quality.

9000 Gent
partners and actors
plusoffice architects, DELVA Landscape Architecture / Urbanism, Witteveen + Bos, OSA, City of Ghent
biodiversity, mobility, water
innovative aspects
local development?

Project Groenklimaatassen

photo: Stad Gent