Eau de Couture

Water as a lever to build a cohesive community

Deep in the Marollen/Marolles neighbourhood in Brussels, next to the Brigittines Chapel and at the foot of a social housing block, lies the Arakova garden. Anchored along the Brussels North-South train connection, this complex environment is in urgent need of quality public space and a positive social dynamic. For several years now, a productive urban garden has been developed here, with chickens roaming and vegetables growing. In 2021, working together with residents and local organizations, Collectif Dallas and Latitude Platform designed a large, suspended canvas to serve as a shelter and to recover water to be used in the garden. The collected water flows through a hole in the canvas into a 1,000 l rainwater barrel made of residual materials from the Brussels city depot. The temporary occupation will soon move to a new location in Laeken.

partners and actors
LATITUDE Platform, collectif dallas, Habitat & Rénovation, Loop Studio, City of Brussels
community, management, food, water
innovative aspects
temporary use, participation