De Korenbloem

Old and new, private and public are intertwined in a neighbourhood care campus

De Korenbloem is a care campus east of Kortrijk city centre. It is one of the 'Invisible Care' pilot projects of Team Flemish Government Architect. It was set up after extensive research into how care can be better embedded in our society. The project wants to break down the existing barriers between 'care' and society by opening up two renovated historic villas on the care campus to neighbourhood activities and associations. The design by Sergison Bates Architects, Studio Jan Vermeulen and Tom Thys Architecten consists of two parts connected by a large garden. Two historic buildings – an art deco villa and a neoclassical country house at the far ends of the campus – house the day care centres and neighbourhood services. Two new buildings with the units for the permanent users each adopt spatial elements from the respective villas and make the connection between the street and the inner area. Eight to ten residents each share a flat unit: it is an intermediate level between their own room and the entire complex. Balconies, pergolas, canopies and garden rooms make reference to the original buildings and create a mediating scale between the privacy of the residential building and its surroundings.

partners and actors
Sergison Bates Architects, Studio Jan Vermeulen, Tom Thys Architects, Buro Groen, De Korenbloem npo
community, care