De Fierenshoven

By reallocating public heritage, the city keeps rents in check

The realization of good, affordable rental housing for first-time tenants, tenants moving upward from the social rental market and single-parent families is one of the most pressing issues on the housing market. As a landowner, the city can play a role by controlling rents, as Antwerp does in the Fierens blocks. The former social housing complex dating from 1939, a listed modernist building, no longer met the conditions for social housing but was not being sold due to the high cost of preserving the heritage. As a public developer, AG Vespa appointed the design office HCVA to renovate the building. A new corner building – with its own identity but one that fits in well with the two adjacent wings in terms of proportions, colour and detailing – allows new units to be composed in a mix of studios with collective areas and flats with 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom(s).

partners and actors
Happel Cornelisse Verhoeven Architecten, Molenaar & Co Architecten, AG Vespa
energy, housing
innovative aspects
policy innovation