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  • 1 Zinneke Workshops
  • 2 Zennepark
  • 3 CLTB - Lumière du Nord
  • 5 Helihavenlaan-Antwerpsesteenweg intersection
  • 6 Between ZIN and MAX
  • 7 De Lakense Haard
  • 8 On Redersbrug
  • 9 The Building Material Village
  • 10 BC Materials
  • 11 Picard future-oriented street
  • 12 Parckfarm
Climate Streets

The Zenne was - literally - the rear of the city. This is still evident from the blind rear façades of the houses, warehouses and workshops, which were built right up to the water's edge.

© Bob Van Mol
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Portraits: #10 Lieven


The fact that the green spaces in the city, such as at the foot of trees in the street, have to be neatly and professionally maintained is something that few people think about. Lieven provides an insight into the impact of the greening of streets on the management activities of the Parks Department - and the way in which citizens can enjoy this 'self-evident process’.