Call for Projects

The Great Transformations launches an exhibition on Architecture and Transitions. It is calling on designers, commissioning parties and social actors to submit models, plans, impressions, photos or videos of architectural projects that already contain the seeds for a sustainable and inclusive future. We are looking for pioneering designers and commissioners who are implementing the very first versions of projects such as food parks, energy districts or circular material hubs.


Contact person

Project details

Short description: the relevance of the project to one or more Future Places

How does the project respond to an exceptional societal task?

In what way the relation between the commissioner and the contractor can be considered exceptional?

What was the exceptional composition of the (design) team?

For which Future Place(s) is the project representative?

Object description (in case more than one object is relevant, the information can be added to the link to the material)

Why this object is representative for the project?

Link to the materials