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  • 1 Towards more Food Land
  • 2 The return of the Boerkozen
  • 3 Agriculture tailored to the landscape
  • 4 The great transformation of the landscape
  • 5 Public land for public concerns
  • 6 Food-Oriented Development
  • 7 Seeds of change
Food Land

We need more Foodland. But how do you achieve that in a highly urbanised landscape where so much already needs to be done within the same space? Housing, recreation, nature, climate, agriculture: can we still reconcile all these seemingly irreconcilable demands on space?

In the 1960s, Erasmus Hospital was the first major development in Neerpede-Vogelenzang. Using the slogan ‘Neerpede Blijft!’ (Save Neerpede!), the neighbourhood protest succeeded in halting the further urbanisation of the area.

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